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100 % Responsibility

Post  Al McAllister on 3/29/2013, 8:31 pm

Many people are stuck in this concept of "what is in the other is in me" and use as a "buzzword", but... It is not so, and it is important not to accept it that way, as well as the issue of "responsibility".

What is in the other that is also in you are memories that judge. You do not necessarily have in you the same pattern of behavior. If you notice that the person is lying to you, or is unfaithful, or cheats, this does not mean that you have this pattern of behavior in you.

What's to be cleansed is the "I" who judges. Also, it is this "I" that attracts a particular type of person or event to your life, because it is how it justifies its self-identity, generally as a "victim" of that person, or persons, or event. Cleansing these feelings result in you having a better life experience, without drowning in feelings of being hurt, exploited, or abused.

It is up to you not to allow the permanence of judgmental memories/programs. Contrary to what some claim, the "terrorists", the "evildoers", etc., are not within you. Let go of these beliefs. Your responsibility is to simply ask for the cleansing of the programs/memories that judge... the "terrorists", the "evildoers", etc.

What is often confusing regarding this concept as presented, and parroted in many other places, is that one doesn't perceive the difference between "guilt" and "responsibility".

When identified with the memory that cultivates feelings of guilt in relation to events in the world, one does not have the clear vision of what is the responsibility regarding what is felt.
Memory ("I am so") always wants to "do something". This wanting to "do something" is a mind game, a mental occupation, and prevents the discernment of what is the reality of the situation.

In reality it is Divinity that does the work, inspires us, and moves us through and with conviction, the conviction of Faith.

Keep it simple...

Peace of being.
Al McAllister

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