Patterns of behavior

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Patterns of behavior

Post  Al McAllister on 11/28/2012, 7:27 am

We live within patterns of behaviour determined by beliefs, what we call "memories". When the beliefs and their pattern is changed, those people who are in tune with it stay in your life, those who are not, go away. Of course the memories that make up the ego will occupy you giving meaning to events. It is how they maintain themselves in control, through judgements. Upon believing in that meaning given, we strengthen that pattern as "reality", it becomes a template for further similar events and people in your life - perpetuating conflicts, discord, suffering, disease - for it is the emotional charge that feeds it.

With that, all effort to change a situation for the better, or to fix oneself, in reality affirms the undesirable condition being experienced! People exist in our lives to confirm our beliefs about ourselves. The more you consider yourself in a positive way, the more you forgive yourself and learn to love yourself, the better quality of attention you will receive from those around you. And this is achieved through real cleaning, which is beyond the rational conceptualization of it. It has to do with Being in Peace.
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