Ho'oponopono misconceptions

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Ho'oponopono misconceptions

Post  Al McAllister on 11/21/2012, 10:32 am

O Portal derived from my practice of Ho'oponopono since 2007, it presented itself as explained in the Session Manual, and www.quantumportal.ws, bringing a fresh new understanding to what is "to clean".

I have a friend in South Africa, Saul Maraney, who has some really effective Ho'oponopono themed products. I received an e-mail from him promoting one of his excellent guided meditations.

However there was something in the sales letter that did not correspond with what I know about Saul, and his understanding of the process. So I am sharing it here since many of you are coming to this forum through the original Yahoo Ho'opoonopono Cleaning Group that I have moderated for the past few years, with Bill Sample. In that group I've made a concerted effort for a while now to clear up many things which were not explained properly in the "Zero Limit" materials - and which have caused angst for many of you.

Dear Saul,

I received your promotional e-mail and  felt there was something to call your attention to:

" 'That if The Divine would take all of the memories out of a person in one shot, they'd lose their sanity.'

The Divine knows that it's too hard for us to let go of all our memories in one leap, so it happens bit by bit."

This is a common misconception among "Ho'oponoponers", one of the things many people who were students of Morrnah question regarding Joe's take on this.

First of all, if you look around... everything are memories, even your body is made up of so-called memories. Creation is expansive (and contractive at the same time) and our perception of It through our body and senses is limited to a very especific frequency (or "vibration").

It is simple, what is cleansed in the memory is it's emotional charge, which is what moves the person, makes him identify with that memory as a being himself. I always say that memories talk, think, behave as if they are the person... and have convinced us that they are. Once that charge is canceled, we lose the identification with that program/memory/belief, it ceases to define us as "such and such a person" - usually "I am a victim...".  It is still stored in the subconscious mind, it is still a part of our story as an individual, but it does not move us, cause us to react while thinking about it or talking about it.

Quite frankly all these "ho'oponopono" misconceptions made me put together a website and forum (in portuguese) where I say exactly what Dr. Len showed me in three years of correspondence. People who say they clean and clean, and that now there are no results as in the beginning, just do not have the awareness of WHO IS DOING THE CLEANING... It definitely ain't Divinity...

I want you all to be aware that I am not "dissing" or diminishing "Ho'oponopono sources" and resources, or other disciplines - they all have disclaimers regarding their materials: "use it at your own risk". My way is my way, I share it because it is right and proper for me to do so, but by no means it is the only way. If you feel drawn to what we present here it is because you respond to it, so use it, use what makes sense to you. What honors you.

Thank you Saul for this opportunity of bringing this to the forum, you are talented and sincere in everything you do, and I wish you much success with these helpful materials.

I love you and I am grateful. Peace of Being.

Al McAllister

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